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Our Texas City Plumbers Are Full Service Specialists

Our Texas City Plumbers are water heater repair expertsThe proud staff at our Texas City plumbers shop spends quite a bit of time working on water heater repairs. Conventional water heaters generally last for about 10 to 11 years and then need to be replaced. This life span can be extended on newer units if there is yearly preventative maintenance done and a few simple rules are followed. Our Texas City plumbers suggest insulating your hot water pipes starting from the water heater and continuing all the way to the pipe junction right behind the wall where the tap resides.

By doing this will allow you to turn the thermostat down on the water heater which will slow the corrosion of the sacrificial anode and help prevent premature rusting of the interior of the tank. You should also turn your water heater off any time that you will be away from your home for more than two days. This will not only extend the life of the unit, but will lower your utility bill as well. Another quick trick is to wrap the heater in an insulated sleeve to prevent radiant heat loss and limit the number of heating cycles that it goes through.

We Are Commercial and Residential Plumbing Experts

Of course, water heater repair is only one of our many Texas City plumbing specialties. We also handle:

  • sewer line replacement repairour techs do fixture repair
  • video pipe inspections
  • faucet repairs and new installation
  • garbage disposal repair
  • water main lines
  • toilet repairs and new installs
  • drain line clearing
  • gas lines and gas leaks detection and repair
  • emergency shut off valve replacement and installations
  • home and commercial plumbing inspections
  • water softener systems
  • whole house water purifiers we are water heater installation techs
  • conventional water heaters
  • tankless water heaters
  • pressure relief valves
  • recirculation pumps
  • pressure regulators
  • shower and bath tub valve repair and replacementwe install low flow fixtures
  • dishwasher installation 
  • remodels
  • ice maker lines
  • backflow prevention maintenance and repair
  • pipe insulation
  • water pressure testing
  • die testing toilets

No matter what plumbing issue you are having, we have a contractor that can handle the job. We've done everything from simple sink drain clearing to multi-unit hot water heater repair and installation. Whether you are a residential customer or the owner of a large business, we've got the tools and the talent to be your go to Texas City plumbers.

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